Erin Lam

HSSB 4063


Dr. Erin Lam received their PhD from UC Berkeley in 2022 and taught and researched for two years at Bryn Mawr College as a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Pre-doc/Post-doc Fellow. Their research and teaching centers on Latin elegy, Greek tragedy, queer and feminist theory, as well as QPOC receptions to the Classics.
In particular, they investigate how intersectional queer methodologies can be applied to ancient Classical texts in order to reexamine concepts such as gender, reproduction, temporality, and subjectivity. They are currently working on two book projects. The first demonstrates how a queer approach to temporality substantially alters the conceptualization of intertextuality as well as the concepts of reproduction and futurity in Ovid’s Heroides, with broader implications for the Roman literary tradition. The second suggests a new approach to reception studies by proposing a “hermeneutics of irreverence” toward the Classical Greco-Roman tradition as a method by which QPOC artists and writers expand the creative possibilities of working with that tradition.