Gena Goodman

Graduate Student
Office Hours:
HSSB 4063


Previous to entering UCSB’s PhD in Classics with an emphasis on Ancient History, I received a BA from Eckerd College (2010), an MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder (2014), and an MA from the University of Kansas (2016), with a smattering of primary school teaching in between. While at Eckerd I completed a thesis on representations of rivers in Pliny’s Natural Histories, and my time in Colorado culminated with a thesis of collected short stories fictionalizing the Berenike archaeological dig. The most recent thesis compared depictions of Judaean human and physical geography in the Histories of Tacitus and in the works of Josephus.

Generally speaking, my interests fall into two categories: ancient ethnography and reception studies. UCSB’s Classics program attracted me with both its openness towards critical approaches to literature and also the faculty’s wide array of research interests and outlooks. When dragged out of the library, I am likely to be found playing trivia, watching baseball, or enjoying the symphony